What is My Home Worth?

It might be worth more than you think!  Let’s find out now, it takes less than a minute to ask!

One of the first questions I get from a home owner is usually “What do you think my house is worth?”  The “worth” of a home is dependent on lots of factors that change all the time, such as the home’s condition, market trends, home size, features, how “badly” a buyer wants the home, etc. so it’s not an easy question to answer just off the cuff.

A better question might be, “What do you think a buyer would pay for my home today?”  That I can answer much more easily!

With some basic info, I can provide you with an approximate Market Price so you’ll be in the know when it comes time to list your home!  Just fill out the form below!

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Now, please understand, without actually seeing your home in person, this number is really going to be just a ballpark estimate.  In order to give you an accurate estimate and detailed analysis, I would need to visit your home in person.  If you would like me to do that, give me a call!

To contact me call (or send a text message) me at 717-371-0557, call the Office 717-291-1041 or email at Jason@JasonsHomes.com .

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Jason Burkholder

Associate Broker, Realtor, e-Pro

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