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Buying a Home & Searching for Homes

Buying a Home & Searching for Homes

You’ve made it! The big decision, the choice to buy a home of your own!  It’s exciting, scary, frustrating, full of new and confusing terms and mortgages and contracts and I need how much money again?!?

It’s a lot to take in, and let me be the first to tell you, nothing like a reality show, or your cousin did in that other state 8 years ago.  The only thing that ever stays the same about the real estate world is that every home, on every street, has a different story, and takes a different approach to buy it.

Feel free to reach out to me, I’ll send you a copy of my 8 Homebuyer Tips, and help you figure out exactly what direction to go, so you can make your move fit your life.  Call me at 717-371-0557!

Oh, and as far as home searching goes, searching for a home online can be a frustrating thing. One website shows a home that you can’t find on another website and you spend time tracking it down only to find the home is no longer available.  You go to website after website searching and searching, never knowing if the information is accurate or trustworthy.  You chase dead end after dead end and fill out forms, avoid pop ups and all of the sudden you get emails and calls and text messages spamming you and after all of that wasted time you’re no closer to your new home!

If you like searching on your own, I recommend using my easy mls home search feature.  You simply click here.

That will take you to my homesnap site where you will always find no hassle, up to date info right out of the MLS, with all the pictures and info available on the home.  You can click “Connect with Jason” to link up with me and search easily on the site!  You can also download the app, it’s simple and easy to use on your phone or tablet!

If you find one you like, call me, I’ll be happy to set up a time to take you to the home in person, I can help you walk through and purchase any home available for sale, by any company or by owner.

PS – I have been doing this awhile, and I will never, ever be offended if you ask to see a copy of my resume, or want to know more about me.  Just because you call me, does not mean you have to use me.  You can decide for yourself when we meet!

To contact me call (or send a text message) me at 717-371-0557, call the Office 717-298-8040 or email at Jason@JasonsHomes.com .


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