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January 23, 2019 No Comments

Popcorn Is Better In A Bowl Than On A Ceiling

Do you know what a popcorn ceiling is?  Love it?  Hate it?  Most people hate it.  After all, ceiling popcorn is about the most useless (not to mention ugliest) decoration ever.   Want to get rid of it?  Well.  Normally that involves scraping it off, or demolition.  Tear it down.  As effective as that tutorial is, […]

January 16, 2019 No Comments

Buying Vs Renting – The Same Old Debate

Why would someone write another article on buying versus renting a home? What’s in it for the author of the article? Why would you read one? What is it you want to hear? Do you just want confirmation and justification for what you already believe and want to do? Or, are you looking to be […]

December 10, 2018 No Comments

1 in 4 Homes In America Are “Equity Rich”

When the housing bubble burst in 2007/2008, many Americans found themselves underwater or, in other words, with a home worth significantly less than what they owed on their mortgages. But that’s all changed now.  According to recent studies, more and more Americans are finding themselves in the opposite situation—with a home worth far more than […]

“Jason helped my wife and I sell a home recently. He is very knowledgeable of the real estate business and forthright with us about our options. Jason was usually available if we called him. If we did leave a message for him, he was very prompt in calling back. We would recommend him for anyone seeking to buy/sell a home. Thanks Jason!” – Joel S


“I would highly recommend Jason to anybody buying a house in Lancaster. He is knowledge, friendly, incredibly responsive and, above all, honest. My wife and I could not have been happier with our experience.” – Andy M


“My wife and I have had the occasion to utilize Jason’s services several times in the past few years and could not have been more satisfied with his professionalism, integrity and (most importantly) results! Jason was patient and thorough in understanding the type of property which would best suit my wife and family. This attention to detail eliminated obligatory showings and helped maximize our time. He regularly checked in to ensure he was looking for the correct property and ensured the showings he set up were realistically within our budget and requirements. After we found our property, he worked to ensure our offer was fairly positioned to be the best and most competitive offer and that won us our home. All-in-all, I recommend Jason to all of my professional acquaintances, personal friends and family.” – Wes W


“Jason has become a family friend after helping multiple family members and friends buy and sell property. He is very responsive and answers questions in a thorough way so you know your options. In Lancaster, he is one in a million!!!” – Stephanie P


“Most importantly, Jason cares. He was with me every step of the way – even keeping contact as I considered going on the market a couple years before listing, always giving me updates on the feel of the market. Highly, highly recommend!” – Arthur M


“Jason helped me sell my house (in only 4 days being on market!!!) and helped my fiancé and I buy our new home. He was extremely helpful throughout the entire selling and buying process. He is the best! I would definitely recommend him to all my family and friends!!! Great guy, great Realtor!” – Gene S


“When you are looking for a Realtor, Jason Burkholder is everything and more. The phrase “goes above and beyond,” does not do justice in his case. He works with you to really understand your short and long-term goals and how they interact with your housing search; answers all your questions about the process and houses you are evaluating with in layman’s terms and without making you feel like you are imposing on his time; identifies potential aspects of the houses you are evaluating which are both good and bad and provides an honest assessment of whether the bad aspects are cause for immediate concern or any concern at all; accommodates your schedule when making appointments to visit houses; responds to your emails and text messages in record time; AND continues to provide guidance and recommendations for work you might want completed on your house LONG after you have gone through escrow and moved in. I consider myself lucky to have found such an consummate professional to work with when making the largest purchase of my life and cannot recommend him enough!” – Amara M


“Jason helped us purchase our home successfully with a For Sale By Owner Seller. Jason was able to work with this Seller in regard to negotiations to lower the purchase price because the Appraisal came in lower. It truly was a miracle! Jason used his years of real estate knowledge to explain why Seller’s home was only worth X and got us to settlement table.” – Marsha W


I highly recommend giving Jason Burkholder a call. Jason helped my wife and I buy our current home just about two years ago and guided us through the process of selling our previous home. I felt really comfortable working with Jason he is very personable and easy to work with, and always working for you! Whenever I had questions or concerns Jason would address them right away putting my mind at ease with a solution. Lastly Jason has a vast knowledge of the business and Lancaster market and is always staying sharp by teaching courses, or getting certifications. Jason really takes pride in what he does and cares about you and your family finding the home that is right for you. – Jason L

Jason L

“Jason has worked with me buying and selling several houses and he is the Best! We overcame many obstacles with the selling bank and my mortgage company to make a great deal! I’ve been in the house for over a year now and Love it!” – Ryan G


“I can’t recommend Jason highly enough. He help a friend of mine during a difficult time in her life to short sale her house. It is an incredibly complicated and difficult process. I remember being very impressed with his knowledge of how the process works and professionalism and decided then that when I was ready to purchase a home he was who I wanted to help me. Jason is always professional, prompt, courteous and incredibly knowledgeable in his field. He is never pushy. He will lay your options before you and offer his opinion if you ask for it. He is more concerned with helping people find the right home for them and making happy customers then pressing you to make a decision to earn a commission. Even now, after the sale, Jason is always ready and willing to take phone calls and offer advice or answer questions in a prompt, professional and courteous manner. If you are considering buying a home you definitely want Jason Burkholder in your corner.” – Joe H


“Jason Burkholder has completely changed the way I’ve viewed realtors. Especially considering how much information is available online. He knows so much about the area and all facets of the process. Just this week, 7 months after closing on our last home, I’ve been in contact with Jason to find out where to take our daughters to get their nails done in the area and he let us know that our favorite band was in town this weekend. He’s truly a valuable resource! Highly recommend!” – Leah H


“Jason has been such a great Realtor! My husband and I have bought a home from him twice, and each time he was extremely patient, thorough, and knowledgeable. He’s very good at giving you all of the details, offering a recommendation, but leaving the decision with you. He’s also very well-connected within the industry, which has worked well in our favor! We also sold a home with Jason. It sold in 1 day at our asking price!” – Melissa L


“YOU WILL NEVER FIND A MORE SATISFYING REAL ESTATE AGENT” I met Jason while taking the LHOP course where he had volunteered his time to explain to potential home owners and new investors the process of buying their first property. If volunteering his time to help others doesn’t explain his character enough, I don’t know what will. Jason is extremely knowledgeable about the local real estate market, different types of financing, and the investment market. He is well respected by his fellow agents and has good connections with local mortgage agents, as well. On many occasions, I have texted him during non business hours but for Jason Burkholder business hours do not exist it seems. He is always quick to respond with a clear concise answer that puts my mind at ease. For investor, he is also a great real estate agent helping me acquire my first rental property with instant equity gain of 60k at 90% LTV right away. He has since been a big part of my real estate portfolio, as I closed on another property with him as my agent, just a 2 month ago. I foresee many more properties to come with this great professional on my team.” – Tom T


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