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Jason Burkholder Team

Jason Burkholder Team

We’re Realtors. We help people sell and buy real estate. 

Some people think real estate is about houses.  That it’s only about things. It is, in many ways. Sticks, bricks and wood.  Siding, countertops, walls to paint, spaces to decorate, yards and landscaping.  Something to take pride in, something to live in, or to invest  so you can grow your bank account.  A project to complete, to own and build wealth.  Land to subdivide and develop, or land to plant things on that will grow.  A place full of happy noise or somewhere to just be quietly by yourself.  It can be your landing zone, where you stay just long enough to catch some sleep and then run out the door again.  It can be your connection to the community, the place you call home.

Real estate can be so many things, to so many people.  That’s what real estate is really about.  People.  We know that here, at the Jason Burkholder Real Estate Team, because we’re people too.

I know, weird right?  Of course we’re people.  What we really mean, is we’re people just like you.  We’ve been there ourselves.  Right where you are.  We have lived our own triumphs and tragedies, learned some hard lessons and celebrated successes.  We’ve done it countless more times with our clients, the people we help sell or buy real estate.  We’ve got so many stories we could tell you, about real estate and all the things we’ve done.

Kelly read an investment book not quite two decades ago, and then decided to buy a laundromat as an investment property, knowing nothing about it other than she wanted to do it, so she did, all while keeping her “day job”.  Now she helps people transitioning through the stages of their lives, as they jump right into their next big project without looking back.

Jaci spent her time before real estate as a mental health specialist, and moved about a dozen times in her life through many different states, crossing the country once or twice. She knows what it’s like to relocate and start somewhere new, and she knows just how to help people relocating to settle into a new place.

Jason used to work in the water/sewer business until he got laid off, and since he didn’t have a college degree to open doors for him, decided to open them himself by “giving this real estate thing” a try back in 2003.  Starting with Rookie of the Year in his first year, has won more awards than he can remember or you care to hear about.  Working to get his Broker’s license, earning designations, training and managing a 50 person plus sales team, teaching classes and volunteering. Serving on Realtor Association Boards of Directors and in various Leadership roles so he can be in the places where decisions that change the real estate industry are made, he has spent his time in real estate staying on the leading edge of change, helping hundreds of home sellers and buyers navigate whatever the market throws at them.

We are more than a “team”, we are a partnership full of collective experience unlike any other in the local industry. We build on each other’s strengths, and we make sure our partnership does what’s needed to focus on what matters most, taking care of the people we serve, our clients. We are invested in our community, we show up, we participate, we give back, just like you.

We know real estate. We know people. We’re based in Lancaster County, and serve all of South Central Pennsylvania.  We know amazing Realtors across the state, and across the nation, that we partner with to help people in areas we don’t serve ourselves. So wherever you’re selling or buying, we know how to get you to where you want to be.

Thanks for stopping by and getting this far, learning a little about us.  Now let’s set up a time to talk about you, and how we can help you.  Call us any day of the week, we’ll be here.

Your Friends in Real Estate,

Jason Burkholder, Kelly Burkholder, Jaci Hoosier

Hometown Property Sales Group, LLC

Licensed in the State of Pennsylvania

Thanks for stopping by and getting this far, learning a little about us.  Now let’s set up a time to talk about you, and how we can help you. Call us any day of the week, we’ll be here.
Call (or send a text message) to 717-371-0557 , call the Office 717-207-8093 or email at Jason@JasonsHomes.com to reach out.

PS – We’re usually available 7 days per week, including evenings, unless we’re in an appointment with someone else, we personally answer the phone when people call.  If you do miss us, leave me a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as I can, usually in less than an hour.

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PPS – Just because we have have been doing this awhile doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions.  We will never, ever be offended if you ask to see a copy of a resume, or talk to past clients, or want to know more about us before deciding we’re the ones for you.  Just because you call, doesn’t mean you have to work with us.  Call, ask questions, then you can decide for yourself when we meet!