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Why Today’s Seller’s Market Is Good for Your Bottom Line

Thinking about selling your house and wondering if now’s a good time to do it? Here’s what you need to know. Even though the number of homes for sale has been growing this year, there still aren’t enough homes on the market for all the buyers who want to buy. So, what does that mean for yo

There Won’t Be a Recession That Tanks the Housing Market

There’s been a lot of recession talk over the past couple of years. And that may leave you worried we’re headed for a repeat of what we saw back in 2008. Here’s a look at the latest expert projections to show you why that isn’t going to happen. According to Jacob Channel, Senior Economist a

Lititz Fire & Ice 2024: Fri, 2/16-Sun, 2/25

Get ready for 10 days of ice sculptures, special menu items, family friendly fun, and a whole lot more in Downtown Lititz, PA ! Below is the full schedule! For the full event info, including food trucks, FAQs, a giveaway, and the sponsors who support the event, visit the Lititz site here! We’r

Houses Are Still Selling Fast

Have you been thinking about selling your house? If so, here’s some good news. While the housing market isn’t as frenzied as it was during the ‘unicorn’ years when houses were selling quicker than ever, they’re still selling faster than historically normal. The graph below uses data

Grayed Out

You’ve seen how gray has become the norm for new construction and renovated homes in the last decade. We’ve seen it in the form of paint, furniture, and decorations. Rip out the carpet, replace it with hardwood flooring, paint the walls gray, cabinets white, add a gray couch, and youR

How to Stop Junk Mail

Hey friends, how many of you love getting junk mail? Would you like to find a way to get out of getting junk mail?   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jason Burkholder (@jasonburkholderrealtor) It’s really actually easier than you think. The three credit reporting compan

Holiday Decor Organization

As the holidays come to a close and you begin to “de-decorate,” here are a few ways to keep your decorations organized.  Plan it out, be intentional, and your future self will thank you! 1. Tubs & labels- purchase clear tubs or heavy duty tubs like these to store everything. Having

10 Simple Home Upgrades, on a Budget

You don’t have to knock out a wall or rip apart your kitchen to upgrade your living space. Small changes can make all the difference ! Add some plants- a snake plant, peace lily, or fern can liven up your bathroom! Hang it from a ceiling hook, install a shelf, or have it on the

News to Share !

The Jason Burkholder Team has affiliated with Hometown Property Sales Group, LLC! We’re thrilled to partner with Broker Jeff Bowman and his team at this independent real estate firm, where we offer depth of experience and a partnership like none other. We plan on increasing our local community inv

5 Fall Maintenance Tasks to fit in before Winter

Winter is coming….. Ok, well, not to be that dramatic but it is fall, so winter will be here soon.  Don’t forget to take care of a few outside chores in the next month before it arrives, so you can stay indoors cozy and warm this winter without preventable problems! Before we get to the