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10 Simple Home Upgrades, on a Budget

10 Simple Home Upgrades, on a Budget

You don’t have to knock out a wall or rip apart your kitchen to upgrade your living space. Small changes can make all the difference !

  1. Add some plants- a snake plant, peace lily, or fern can liven up your bathroom! Hang it from a ceiling hook, install a shelf, or have it on the vanity. Read here for plants that thrive in a bathroom. Consider shopping at the thrift store for a planter!
  2. Swap out hardware- simply changing out handles on cabinets & drawers can modernize your kitchen or bathroom space. You can do the same for all your doorknobs!
  3. Add a mirror- this is where we recommend searching a second hand site, such as Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp. You can find unique mirrors, of all sizes, for a low cost. They look great in a bedroom or living room! Hanging or propped up, mirrors make can make rooms appear bigger and brighter.
  4. Lighting- there are a few directions you can take this tip:
    • Add new lighting- purchase a floor or table lamp
    • Swap out light bulbs- consider changing the temperature of your current light bulbs. Does the bathroom feel too cool? Does the kitchen look orange? Light temperature (color) is measured on the Kelvin scale, with lower numbers (such as 3000K) being warmer, and higher numbers being cooler (5000K)
    • Spruce up light fixtures- you can change out a lamp shade, repaint the base, or change a fixture altogether! For example, your dining room light can be a statement piece.
  5. Texturize- adding texture can make a space more visually interesting. This can be as intense as you choose- find a TV stand with fluting, or just add a chunky blanket to the couch! You can look for pillows, couch covers, or even accent chairs to mix up the texture. Thrift stores are a great place to start! The best part is you can easily change out blankets and pillows for the seasons to keep a living room or bedroom feeling fresh.
  6. Home organization- for in and out of plain view, cohesive organization systems not only look cleaner, but make you feel better as well. This could look like clear drawer organizers, a canister set for your counter, or adding bins to your pantry. Dollar Tree and Five Below have affordable bins!
  7. Wallpaper- peel and stick wallpaper can be used on a statement wall or for bookshelves & drawers!
  8. Outdoor planters- add flower boxes below your windows, a hanging basket stake along your walkway, or just a planter on your front porch!
  9. Rugs- the price varies, but again, try checking out local thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, and discount stores, such as Ollie’s
  10. Curtains- not only are they practical for privacy, but they can help tie a room together! Consider sheerness, length, and color, depending on the room.

And of course, the ultimate home upgrade, buying a new place to start all over again is something we can always help you with!

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