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2023 Home Trend Predictions

2023 Home Trend Predictions

Is it time to say goodbye to all-white bathrooms and chevron tile? NAR released their home design trend predictions for 2023 and what trends are fading out.

Dark Purple

Brittany Farinas, creative designer with House of One in Miami has been seeing dark purple in draperies and accent walls.

Stone Furniture

Bathroom vanities, dining tables, side tables, and more- natural stone is trending.

Smart Lights

We’ve all seen the LED light strips- you can control them with your phone, change the color, brightness, and animate them to no end. You can completely change the vibe by placing a strip or bulb anywhere in your home ! And change it again by adjusting the colors and patterns !

Philips Hue is a popular option, but Govee is more affordable and offers extensive customization. Read here to see which one is best for you !

Fluting and Reeding

These two trends add a ton of texture to furniture, whether that be just the doors, sides, or the entire thing.

Mix & Match

Vy Truong and Han Dang of Very Handsome Studio note that contrasting colors and metals continue to add visual interest in a space. You can use bright monochromatic color schemes alongside a bold metal such as gold or silver to pull a design together.

Vintage Touches

Rather than perfectly matched furniture, lighting, and artwork, vintage pieces are being added to create a truly unique space. That could be a knick knack, rug, lighting fixture, or piece of furniture.

Slab Backsplash

April Grandy at Alluring Designs Chicago says, “Slabs of quarts or marble are perfect for any design aesthetic and help to create a clean, seamless look in any kitchen.” Bonus- no grout makes them easy to clean !

Home Office Upgrades

Level up your WFH space with a feature wall for video calls, new desk, accent decor pieces, rug, new (or vintage?) furniture, or fresh paint.

Is it the end for these trends?

Amy Younglood of Amy Youngblood Interiors reports the following:

  • All-white bathrooms: “All-white is hard to keep clean and, honestly, it’s a little boring. People are leaning towards more unique, colorful, and textured spaces that don’t feel so sterile.” In comes fluting, reeding, and unique vintage pieces !
  • Chevron tiles: “It does not fit the organic and calming vibe that is on trend currently.”
  • Red and orange paint:  these heavy, warmer paint colors “make small spaces feel closed in and stressful.”


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