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5 Fall Maintenance Tasks to fit in before Winter

5 Fall Maintenance Tasks to fit in before Winter

Winter is coming…..

Ok, well, not to be that dramatic but it is fall, so winter will be here soon.  Don’t forget to take care of a few outside chores in the next month before it arrives, so you can stay indoors cozy and warm this winter without preventable problems!

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  • Clean your gutters- clogged gutters can lead to roof damage and even attract pests and rodents. After the leaves have fallen, clear out your gutters (or hire someone to help!), and make sure they are attached securely to your home.
  • Detach your hoses- if you wait too long, water could freeze and result in a cracked faucet or pipes.
  • Mow your lawn one last time- cut your grass ½ an inch lower than usual to prevent pests and keep your grass healthy!
  • Add fuel stabilizer to your mower- after your last mow of the season, add fuel stabilizer to your mower’s gas tank to prevent the gas from breaking down. Otherwise, you can clog up your carburetor and have a mess when it’s time to mow in the spring.
  • Furnace maintenance- have an HVAC professional look over your furnace, and replace the air filters, before it’s time to use it! No heat is no fun, preventative maintenance goes a long way towards keeping you warm!

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