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Holiday Decor Organization

Holiday Decor Organization

As the holidays come to a close and you begin to “de-decorate,” here are a few ways to keep your decorations organized.  Plan it out, be intentional, and your future self will thank you!

1. Tubs & labels- purchase clear tubs or heavy duty tubs like these to store everything. Having items “tucked away” keeps your storage area looking its best! Labels can be printed or handwritten onto masking/painter’s tape- just make sure you have the label on the side AND top of bin! Take it one step further and use an app like Sortly, which assigns you QR codes for each bin. Scan the code and you’ll be shown photos of that bin’s contents! (source)

2. Use cardboard for string lights– avoid tangles by wrapping string lights around cardboard! It’s the perfect way to use up empty gift boxes!

3. Hang wreaths- if you’re already using a closet to store decorations, you can use the existing rod to hang wreaths, or buy another rod to have a double decker closet ! That way your wreaths won’t get flattened in storage.

4. Accessibility- what decorations or materials are you reaching for first? Pack those away last so they’re easy to pull out next season!

5. Door organizer- maximize your storage space and have an over the door organizer for wrapping supplies! Stay organized and keep the supplies within arm’s reach for all gifting occasions!

6. Reuse tissue paper- save used tissue paper to wrap around fragile ornaments

7. Purchase a tree bag- keep your artificial tree clean & looking its best

8. Declutter- with all your decorations already out, now’s the time to decide what to keep, throw away, or donate!

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