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Winter Home Maintenance

Winter Home Maintenance

No heat, pipe bursts, or falling gutters- the joys of owning a home in the winter! Let’s go over how to prevent the above and more so you can hopefully have a hassle-free winter at home.


Furnace- Sears Home Service suggests the following:

  • Change the air filters behind vent grills or the single filter in the HVAC system.
  • Cover the AC condenser to protect it from falling icicles. A board or large trash can lid with bungee cords will work, but do not use a tarp that will trap moisture. If you have a heat pump, you don’t have to worry about this !
  • Inspect the chimney and test carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Angi suggests filling gaps around windows and doors with caulk or weatherstripping to prevent drafts and save you on heating costs.
  • Change the air filters behind vent grills or the single filter in the HVAC system.

Some benefits of furnace maintenance include lower heating costs, less risk of a breakdown, and longer service from your furnace (https://www.nationalheatingandac.com/blog/furnace-inspection-before-winter/)


Sump Pump- If everything is functioning as it should, water that collects around or under your house, think rain and melting snow, will drain into the sump pump pit, then be directed away from your foundation. An annual inspection is suggested- you can hire a professional or consult with the sump pump owner’s manual.


Gutters- everyone’s favorite chore ! It’s suggested you clean your gutters twice a year to prevent clogging, which can “lead to issues like water damage, loosened gutters, ice dams, and issues with insects, and rodents.” (Allstate.com)


Pipes- cold temperatures + water in exterior pipes = a pipe burst. Allstate.com suggests you disconnect garden houses from outdoor faucets, use shutoff valves if your exterior faucets have them, then open and close the outside tap to release any leftover water.

If you’re leaving your house for an extended period time, such as going on vacation, be sure to set the thermostat no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, you may come home to a pipe burst. You can read more on preventing that here !


Reverse Fan Direction- Allstate.com recommends you “flip your ceiling fans’ reverse switches so that the fans move in a clockwise direction. ENERGY STAR says this creates an updraft that pushes the warm air that rises toward the ceiling back down into the room.” Another way to save on heating !

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