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10 Tips for a Smooth Move

10 Tips for a Smooth Move

  1. Tubs over boxes- they’re durable, have lids, and double as permanent storage once you’re settled in. Start collecting them once you know a move is coming! Shoe boxes are also great to store smaller items inside the bins.
  2. Essentials bin- designate a tub or tote bag as the one you’ll use once you’ve made it to the new place. Put in hand soap, trash bags, paper towels, cleaning supplies, change of clothes, toiletries, phone chargers, disposable silverware, and paper plates. 
  3. Order takeout- on the topic of food, now’s the time to embrace takeout. Use it as an opportunity to try out the new local restaurants!
  4. Labels- put a strip of masking tape on each box with the appropriate label, such as kitchen, bathroom, etc. Bonus points if you list the items inside!
  5. Towels over paper- instead of buying packing paper or bubble wrap, use your towels to wrap the fragile items.
  6. Closet to go- this one you may have seen on the internet: with your clothes still hanging in your current closet, just put a trash bag over them, leaving the hangers exposed, and you can easily hang them back up at the new place!
  7. Purge BEFORE you move- dedicate a weekend to going through your items to see what to donate, sell, or throw away. No point in moving items you don’t need, use, or want!
  8. Get a head start on furniture- it can take weeks, if not months, to get furniture shipped. Try to pick out your furniture sooner rather than later!
  9. Consider a new credit card- speaking of ordering furniture, there’s a good chance you’ll be dropping some money during the move. Similar to a wedding, this is a great time to consider a new credit card with some awesome welcome rewards for spending x amount in the first few months of opening it. 
  10. Keep sandwich bags on hand- you’ll be taking apart and reassembling furniture. Make sure you’re keeping everything sealed and clearly labeled!


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