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A Tidy Home In No Time

A Tidy Home In No Time

We all want a tidy home with no clutter, but most of us don’t have the hours to dedicate to deep clean-outs. The solution: finding moments in your daily life for a few minutes of organization. 

  • Waiting for water to boil- go through your kitchen utensils and decide what to keep, donate, or throw away. You can also wipe down your microwave, counters, or clear out any old leftovers in the fridge. 

  • Grabbing a Tupperware container with no lid- time to admit defeat and throw it away. Same goes for any lids without a match!

  • Brushing your teeth- clear out your medicine chest and vanity of expired medications and cosmetics. 

  • Breaking down an Amazon box- keep it as a donation box! Give Back Box allows you to donate and ship your unwanted clothing and household goods to charity, for FREE!

  • Putting away laundry- throw out any lone socks or other item of clothing that’s past its prime.

  • Letting your conditioner sit- sort through body washes, shampoos, conditioner, old razors, bath poofs, and anything else that’s taking up real estate in your shower.

  • Watching TV- go through junk mail, magazines, and circulars

  • Putting clean sheets on the bed- if you’re avoiding another set of sheets, ask yourself why. Are they scratchy? Ugly? Decide whether to donate or throw away! Keep in mind that animal shelters will happily accept bedding and towels!

  • On hold with customer service- go through your junk drawer!

  • Hanging up your coat- are there any that could be donated? Thrown away? Sold?

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your house won’t be clutter free tomorrow, but chipping away bit by bit is manageable and adds up!

Source: houselogic.com

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