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Hidden Kitchen Storage Ideas

Hidden Kitchen Storage Ideas

Take some pressure off yourself- hidden kitchen storage is coming back! You can hide that mismatched dishware behind closed cabinet doors, rather than displaying it on open shelving.

According to fixr.com, 53% of designers say that hidden storage in the kitchen will be a 2023 trend.

Make the most of your kitchen cabinets by considering the following:

For next to your oven…

Blind corner space- add cabinet pullouts or half moon lazy susan!

For next to your fridge- a pull-out pantry! Great for spices, cans, bottles, foil, Ziploc bags, and more!

A solution for the second-most disorganized cabinet (Tupperware takes first place)- sliding rack for pots and pans!

For the lids, use Command Hooks on the inside of your cabinet door. Thekitchn.com suggests “You’ll just need two Command Hooks per lid, and you’ll want to work out your positioning before you start sticking things on. Once you have a general idea where things should go so that the cabinet can still close, affix a hook at 8:00 and 4:00 (pretending your lid is a clock face) and slide your lid in.”

No tools required- drawer organizers!

Your appliances deserve a built-in garage:

For more ideas, check out this article or browse Pinterest- the options are endless.


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