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Lancaster County & Beyond- Market Update June 2023

Lancaster County & Beyond- Market Update June 2023

The numbers are in- closed sales are up in Lancaster County and for Pennsylvania as a whole!  We’re still moving forward with a lot of buyers buying, and sellers selling, despite a lower inventory that has been making headlines for the last few years.   If you’re thinking of selling or buying, it is as good a time as any.  Call us, let’s talk about the headlines and numbers, what they do and don’t mean for you.  Lots of “affordable homes” are selling, as you can see based on median sales prices, and lots of folks are successfully closing with mortgages, so you aren’t losing to “cash buyers” all the time.  That myth is pretty pervasive, so we continue to try and dispel that with facts.

Let’s talk about those June numbers now!  You probably noticed, it’s almost the end of July, so why are we talking about June?  Well, closed sales are what they call a lagging indicator, it takes a few weeks after the end of the month for us to say the closings are all recorded, and the data is accurate, so, we are always a little behind.

Anyway, back to the point!   Closings are up a little, which means the number of homes hitting the market are continuing to increase a little.  Expect more of the same this year in general, opportunity is there if you’re interested in making a move.

You’ll see a bit of a lag next month, as seasonal vacations slow down things, but don’t look at that as an indicator, think of it like highway traffic when you’re headed to the beach.  It slows you down, but soon enough you pass it and get where you’re going!  June and July are big vacation months in South Central Pa and the mid Atlantic, so you’ll see it reflected in the numbers next month.

Let’s start with Pennsylvania in general: Compared to May, closed sales are up 12% overall, with a total of 12,383 for the state  (according to PAR)

In Lancaster County, closed sales are up 25%, and as always, our area outperforms many parts of the state.  Here’s a look:


In June, almost 70% of homes were bought with financing. You don’t need to pay all cash to get a home in this market. We’re connected with experienced lenders, with every program imaginable. Call or text us at (717) 371-0557 and we’ll get you on the right path!

Median Sales Prices and Number of Units Sold for Lancaster County School Districts in June 2023:

Solanco (15): $375,00

Pequea Valley (3): $343,519

Penn Manor (40): $328,450

Columbia (13): $215,000

School District of Lancaster (85): $235,900

Eastern Lancaster (21): $285,000

Conestoga Valley (16): $320,500

Lampeter Strasburg (17): $355,000

Warwick (26): $372,500

Cocalico (22): $319,900

Elizabethtown (26): $318,500

Manheim Central (23): $280,000

Ephrata (48): $352,00

Donegal (21): $280,000

Manheim Township (65): $425,000

Hempfield (62): $355,000


Zooming out of Lancaster County, here’s what the surrounding counties look like:


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