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Lancaster County Market Update- January 2023

Lancaster County Market Update- January 2023

The real estate market is local. There is no national real estate market, just like there is no national weather forecast. Well.  There is a “national” weather forecast, it’s just that 99% of it simply doesn’t affect you here in Lancaster County.  Wherever you are, always get the local numbers and make decisions based on that.  Lucky for you, we have those local numbers!

Did you know that 50% of homes sold for under $300,000 in January? Despite the headlines, buying is within reach. 

Again, not everything you hear is true. It’s not all cash buyers out there. The majority of sales are still done with a mortgage. Not sure what your financing options are? We partner with a variety of local lenders, who have every program imaginable, for any buyer’s situation. We’ll connect you with the one that’s right for you! Give us a call or text us at (717) 371-0557 !

Getting more local, here are some numbers for Warwick, and the median sales price for all the school districts in Lancaster County for January.  The median sales price is a point where the exact middle is.  The median is where you find half the sales under that price, and half the sales over it.

Median Sales Prices for Lancaster County School Districts in January 2023:

Solanco: $284,500

Pequea Valley: $442,500

Penn Manor: $250,000

Columbia: $210,000

School District of Lancaster: $222,500

East Lancaster: $265,000

Conestoga Valley: $267,500

Lampeter Strasburg: $380,000

Cocalico: $322,450

Elizabethtown: $297,000

Manheim Central: $330,500

Ephrata: $227,500

Donegal: $238,000

Manheim Township: $390,000

Not sure where to start when it comes to buying or selling?   Want to discuss these numbers and how they affect you?  We can help! We’ll tell you what works best for you personally, because when it comes down to real estate, the best time to buy or sell is when it works for YOU! Don’t let the market dictate your life.

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