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Remodeling Lancaster – 8 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Windows

Remodeling Lancaster – 8 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Windows

Welcome Back Readers!  Thanks for stopping back for this edition of Remodeling Lancaster with MBC Building and Remodeling!  This week, we have some great tips on replacing windows!  Old, drafty windows are not only unattractive, but they let your dollars literally fly right out the window with all the heat they lose in the winter time.  Replacing windows can save you hundreds of dollars a year in wasted energy, they’ll pay for themselves in no time at all with the savings!  There are lots of things to consider before you buy new windows and you can read about after the jump!

8 Things to Consider Before Replacing your Windows

 A window replacement project can reduce your home’s energy costs, improve indoor climate, comfort for your family, and enhance your home’s overall appearance. It can even qualify you for Tax Credits up to $1500! But window replacement projects should not be entered into lightly. The choices made must be lived with for several years, so make sure to consider all factors. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your replacement windows.

Appearance – Even minor changes in window construction can make a significant difference in how your home looks. The type of frame, the color of the frame, the tint of the glazing all affect how the window and home appear.

The appearance of any window will deteriorate with time and exposure to the elements. In some cases, routine and preventive maintenance can restore them to their original appearance. In other cases, the cost of restoration will add up to a significant portion of the cost of replacement windows.

If new windows are being considered and are determined to be the best option for your home, consider having one of the new units installed as a test case to determine how it will affect your home’s appearance.

Energy Efficiency – The promise of improved energy efficiency is one of the most often-cited reasons for replacing windows here in Lancaster County. Increasing the number of glazings, reducing the rate of air infiltration and using a heat-reflective coating will all improve your homes energy performance.

Fit – As windows age, their components wear and deteriorate. Some components shrink and dry out, resulting in gaps that can allow air to infiltrate into your home. The looser the fit, the greater the infiltration, and it doesn’t take much of a gap for air infiltration to become a major problem.

Frame – Frame materials can deteriorate as the result of rot, corrosion, physical damage, weathering and other factors. As they deteriorate, more air and water will enter into your home.

Deterioration of nearly any frame materials beyond surface corrosion will usually require the replacement of the entire window.

Glazing – In homes with large areas of glass, the solar heat gain through the windows can make spaces near the windows difficult to cool, even during the heating season.

Today’s glazings can eliminate as much as 80 percent of the solar heat gain while allowing nearly 90 percent of the sun’s visible light to pass through.

When considering which solar control option is best-suited for your home, consider the overall condition of the windows and the other performance characteristics needed.

Hardware – Window hardware is subject to wear with normal use. If maintenance requirements for your window hardware are increasing as a result of the age, or if the existing hardware is not adequate, then window replacement is recommended.

Operability – One of the most common window issues is difficult or impossible operability. Over time, components swell, warp, and bind. Often, the cost of restoring these units to operable condition can exceed the cost of a replacement window.

Suitability – Finally, no matter how good the windows are, if they do not meet your needs, they will need to be replaced. Homes and homeowners change over time and windows that were once acceptable can easily become unsuitable for your current needs.

So there you have it!  Excellent tips from Matt and Mike Blank at MBC Building and Remodeling on window replacement, but this is just a small list of things to consider, if you want a personal consultation from Mike Blank on what windows you should select (and a great price on getting the work done), call him at 717-371-5136.  if you’ve read this column before, you know these are the guys I recommend to my clients for repair work, great work and great prices, call and find out for yourself!

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