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Remodeling Lancaster – Tips On Cleaning up Garage Clutter

Remodeling Lancaster – Tips On Cleaning up Garage Clutter

Welcome Back Readers!  Thanks for checking in and reading the latest installment in our Remodeling Lancaster series with Mike Blank from MBC Building and Remodeling .   Whether you are selling or staying, having a clean, organized, clutter free garage can make a huge impact in the use and enjoyment of your home.  Buyers notice clean just as quickly as they notice clutter!  This week, we have some great tips on cleaning up a messy or cluttered garage, maybe yours doesn’t look quite like this one but I’ll bet sometimes it’s tough to park the car in there!  Read on to find out what Mike has to say! 


Stuck inside the house with nothing to do? Has your garage become a disaster area? Don’t fret – it happens. After years of accumulation and “convenience” storage, a garage area can be overwhelmingly cluttered. There’s no time better than now to look in to over-hauling the garage and giving it a sense of purpose again!

Clean Out the Clutter

You need to take care of the clutter first. Decide what truly needs to be kept then have a yard sale, or donate items that can still be used. Then make that trip to the dump to unload the rest of it.

Create Space

Now you can get a better idea of ways to maximize what space you have and even develop a plan to expand. You might want to start by hiring a contractor to build in some shelving and a usable workspace. The shelves will help keep things off the floor and a workspace will keep the tools, crafts, etc. organized in a specific area. You may have an idea of what you’d like and a professional eye can lend some pointers and help make it a reality.


Don’t forget about the entrance to the house from the garage. Sometimes these entryways are neglected and look a little worse for the wear. Think about having a new door installed with a fresh coat of paint. If there’s room, add a little bench area where people can sit to take off muddy shoes or set groceries. It will do wonders for the appearance.

Some of these small adjustments will make you rethink what a garage can be, and make the investment worth it a few times over. With a little work on your part and the right contractor, you can have that garage back in shape. Who knows – you may even be able to get a car in there!


Hope that helps you in your garage cleaning adventures!  Remember, if you need any kind of contracting work, big or small, call Mike Blank with MBC Building and Remodeling at 717-371-5136.

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