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Again, Zillow Ranks Lancaster PA one of the Best Places to Buy a Home Right Now!

Again, Zillow Ranks Lancaster PA one of the Best Places to Buy a Home Right Now!

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Once again Zillow.com  has ranked Lancaster County as one of the best places to buy a home right now!   As reported on Forbes.com yesterday, due to “affordability, as measured by home price to income ratios; the unemployment picture (both the absolute figure and how it’s trending over time); the foreclosure situation; and year-over-year housing price trends”  Lancaster County PA is the 8th Best Place to buy a home in the nation!  Read on after the jump for more!

Those of us that live here know all of the ways Lancaster is special, from the simple lifestyle of the Amish, to the vibrant downtown of Lancaster City, to the friendly small towns that dot the farm fields all over Lancaster County, the reasons to settle down here are endless.   Now again a major research organizations confirms for the second time that Lancaster County PA has one of the safest and best housing markets in the nation!

Read the full article in this link and if you’re ready to call Lancaster County home, or you already live here and would like to take advantage of the historically low interest rates and wide variety of homes in the market, call me, I’m happy to help you find your next home!!

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