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The Spring Real Estate Market is here!

The Spring Real Estate Market is here!

Welcome Back!  Today we have a quick post with some Lancaster County Real Estate Seller’s Market statistics for you.  Why?  Because math and statistics are fun!  Ok, they aren’t really fun but they will show you why you do not want to wait to put your home on the market “in the spring”

 In Lancaster County, home owners always have traditionally thought “list in the spring” when it comes to putting their home on the market. Which usually means April/May.  That old school thinking has been “wrong” for a number of years now.  We don’t have to argue, even if you don’t believe me, because even if you think spring is the best time to list, Spring is here now and I am not just talking about the mild weather.

It is a Seller’s Market right now in Central PA.  Without a doubt. Take a look at the numbers in the graphic here.  The total number of homes actively for sale is down 34% from the same time 2 years ago.  I won’t bore you with all the numbers, but there is less competition now than at any time in the last 5 years.

With fewer homes for sale, prices are rising and buyer have become much more willing to compromise on their choices.  How do I know that?  Well, in addition to there being fewer homes for sale, less homes are “expiring”.

Expired listings are when a seller puts their home on the market and now one buys it, the listing “expires”.  Take a look at the numbers in this graphic, listing expirations are down 47% from 2015.

There you have it.  Less homes for sale to compete with, less homes expiring, more opportunity for you to sell faster and at a higher prices than anytime since 2007!

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