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Buyer Expectations- Buy Now, Upgrade Later

Just start somewhere. When you decide you’re ready to buy your first home (and stop throwing money into the bottomless pit that is rent), you don’t have to get your dream home. You can buy a starter home, stay awhile, build some equity, sell it, then move up. Why do we say that?  Well,

Lancaster County & Beyond Market Update- March 2023

Another month, another market update for not only Lancaster County, but also our surrounding counties! Numbers. They make the world go round, some say math is a universal language. The thing to remember about numbers is that they simply are.  What does that mean?  They “are”?  Well, i

Outdoor Projects- Are They Worth It?

You’re getting quotes for a new patio and wondering- is it worth it? Will I enjoy it? Will this add value when it comes time to sell? Short answer: if it will bring you joy, then it’s worth it. You own the house. Do what makes you happy! Long answer: if you want to consider

HOAs- Are They Worth It?

A Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is “an organization in a subdivision, planned community, or condominium building that makes and enforces rules for the properties and residents.” (Investopedia) How do you join an HOA? If you rent or buy a property that’s part of an HOA, you be

Lancaster County Market Update- February 2023

The February numbers are in for Lancaster County! Let’s take a look. Another month of opportunity for lots of sellers and buyers.  Let’s take a quick look at some numbers that you might find useful! Half of homes sold for less than $260,000.  As we said last month, there are affordable

Lancaster County Market Update- January 2023

The real estate market is local. There is no national real estate market, just like there is no national weather forecast. Well.  There is a “national” weather forecast, it’s just that 99% of it simply doesn’t affect you here in Lancaster County.  Wherever you are, always g

What’s the Difference between a Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Broker, and a Realtor®?

You’ve likely heard all of these terms before and have wondered if they can be used interchangeably. Realtor.com breaks it down this way: Real estate agent- “someone who has a professional real estate license to help people buy, sell, or rent all sorts of housing and real estate.”  “To get

Hidden Kitchen Storage Ideas

Take some pressure off yourself- hidden kitchen storage is coming back! You can hide that mismatched dishware behind closed cabinet doors, rather than displaying it on open shelving. According to fixr.com, 53% of designers say that hidden storage in the kitchen will be a 2023 trend. Make the most of

A Tidy Home In No Time

We all want a tidy home with no clutter, but most of us don’t have the hours to dedicate to deep clean-outs. The solution: finding moments in your daily life for a few minutes of organization.  Waiting for water to boil- go through your kitchen utensils and decide what to keep, donate, or throw a

2023 Home Trend Predictions

Is it time to say goodbye to all-white bathrooms and chevron tile? NAR released their home design trend predictions for 2023 and what trends are fading out. Dark Purple Brittany Farinas, creative designer with House of One in Miami has been seeing dark purple in draperies and accent walls. Stone Fur